DSP Thank You Letter: Aman Khaja

Aman Khaja, who had Dawn Syndrome, joined the Block Institute in September of 2002. As the father of late Aman Khaja, (who unfortunately passed away on June 04, 2018 at the age of 51), I am proud to acknowledge the wonderful companionship and assistance provided by the following individuals, throughout his days at this wonderful Institute. I urge you to kindly recognize them appropriately.

Ms. Pat Gwinnell, who thought of, and brought up genuine unique ideas and programs for Aman to partake in, to show his own talent and feel accomplished! One that I recall right away was to see if Aman was interested in taking some piano lessons & sing, and he adored playing piano, and singing along with others.

Mr Gregory Carter & Ms. Barbara M: My wife and I have met and known Mr. Carter for several years, and respect him immensely for the guidance he provided to Aman, daily.  Aman always told me, and also to Mr. Carter, “Gregory, you are a good  man!” Once when he said that in my presence, Mr. Carter was so moved, I could see tears in his eyes. There was a true companionship between the teacher and the student. Although my wife and I never had a chance to meet Ms. Barbara M., Aman never failed to tell me, right after “Gregory is a good man”, he would say “Barbara you are a good woman!” Obviously he respected her immensely too.

Since Ms. Cecilia Cooke’s arrival at the Block Institute, the communication between the parent, (Me), and the Institute excelled by leaps and bounds. She would tell me right away if any incident took place between Aman and another individual, and would also apprise me of any preventative action she took. They were very appropriate, professional and practical in nature. For this, we were very grateful to her.



Emad Khaja


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