DSP Thank You: Jeremy Clark

I’d like to take this opportunity to express my sincerest gratitude, appreciation, and thanks for the time and energy Jeremy Clark has put into the Harlem IRA and the Adolescent Cluster. I as well as the rest of the CSE1 team am very proud and thankful for the work and dedication you have provided the people we serve over the last 3 years of service.

You have acted not only as a motivator and leader to your team, but as a loyal and honest employee for CSE1.

Jeremy has lived the Community Services for every 1 mission, day by day. He makes sure the quality of work he puts out daily is not only one of excellence, but fair and meaningful. Jeremy has a sincere love for the kids of the adolescent cluster and a special love for the kids past and present here at Harlem IRA, and for that we appreciate all that he has done.

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