#bFair2DirectCare Advocacy Toolkit

Dear bFair2DirectCare Supporter,

In 2016 Direct Support Professionals (DSPs), persons with developmental disabilities, family members and non-profit providers across New York created the #bFair2DirectCare campaign to educate lawmakers about our work and to secure funding so DSPs can receive a living wage.

In this short time, #bFair2DirectCare has become a movement instantly recognizable to elected officials, Albany decision makers and the news media. Senator Fred Akshar called #bFair2DirectCare “the greatest grass root effort I’ve witnessed.”

Through our collective vigilance and persistence, we secured two installments of $55 million in the NYS Budget to help bring DSPs towards the living wage they deserve. We accomplished this together — not with big money or secret deals, but by telling our story compellingly.

But our work is not done. We need years three and four of the living wage funding so that DSPs can be compensated fairly for their hard work and dedication to those they support. The advocacy has already started and, as in past years, we need everyone involved this fall and into the legislative session that starts in January.

We must build on our momentum so that every lawmaker – from the Governor to the newest Assembly member and state Senator – knows the value of people with developmental disabilities and the dedicated people who support them every day.

But more than know us, the Governor and our legislators must step up and include this funding in the budget.

In this advocacy toolkit you will find materials that will assist you in spreading the #bFair2DirectCare message through traditional media and social media. We provide a guide to reaching out to your state legislators. Please use these to tell your story far, wide and often.

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Thank you for your dedication to the cause. We look forward to working with you to improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of DSPs, New Yorkers with I/DD, and their families.


The #bFair2DirectCare team

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