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Schenectady ARC – “I Make a Difference” Campaign

Schenectady ARC shared stories from their “I Make a Difference” campaign to help us shine a light on the #FacesOfbFair!  Read about Schenectady ARC’s awesome DSPs and the difference they’re making in the lives of the individuals they support below! Dennis: Dennis at Life Prep 2 is the poster person of gallant! Dennis is ALWAYS…

DSP Thank You: Jeremy Clark

Photo collage of kids with DPAs

I’d like to take this opportunity to express my sincerest gratitude, appreciation, and thanks for the time and energy Jeremy Clark has put into the Harlem IRA and the Adolescent Cluster. I as well as the rest of the CSE1 team am very proud and thankful for the work and dedication you have provided the…

DSP Thank You Letter: Jeanae Stephenson

Paddle boating with patients

Jeanae Stephenson has been a part of the Borer team for 3½ years, she has proven herself to be an excellent DSP and a reliable co-worker.  We can always count on Jeanae to help out when times get tough, she can often be relied on during stressful snow storms, she is always willing to do…

DSP Thank You Letter: Ashley Baker

Ashley Baker

Ashley Baker is currently a DSP at the Borer residence and has been with us for almost 4 years.  In that time she has shown an immense amount of compassion for the individuals, Ashley is always quick to help them with their everyday needs as well as to help them with bigger goals. She has…

DSP Thank You Letter: Eric Parkes

Eric Parkes

In organizations like Ability Beyond, it is commonly understood and agreed that Direct Support Professionals are the true assets. To the Parkes Family, Leon Guerrero is a treasure! Since our son came to Ability Beyond, Leon has been the guiding force to Eric’s initial acclimation, ongoing independence and overall success. In Ability’s residential program, Leon…

DSP Thank You Letter: Aman Khaja

Aman Khaja, who had Dawn Syndrome, joined the Block Institute in September of 2002. As the father of late Aman Khaja, (who unfortunately passed away on June 04, 2018 at the age of 51), I am proud to acknowledge the wonderful companionship and assistance provided by the following individuals, throughout his days at this wonderful…

DSP Thank You Letter: Oral & Steven

Oral and Steven

On July 19, 2018, after picking up the food to be delivered for a meals on wheels with three individuals aboard the Massapequa Carmans Road wheelchair van, it became apparent that the van was stalling due to some sort of mechanical issue.  The driver Oral Jeffers pulled over and shortly thereafter, smoke was observed coming…

DSP Thank You Letter: Doris, Maria & Josephine

Doris, Maria and Josephine

Thank You Letter from Carole Witkowski, Peter’s Mother  Peter liked Doris from the moment she started to work at Borer. She speaks to him, not at him, and her patience and understanding of him has made him more capable of bringing out the best of himself. She has taught him how to cook more; rather than just making…

DSP Thank You Letter: Sabine


I would like to take a minute to say how happy I am that my daughter Jackie Ross has such a wonderful one on one to work with her. Sabine is so patient with Jackie and really understands what she is all about. This is the second summer that Sabine accompanied Jackie on her little…

Meet Amber


Amber Downs resides in Horseheads with her 1-year old son, Aaden, and 4-year old daughter, Jordyn. She has worked as a Program Aide for Able2 Enhancing Potential, Inc. since 2015. “I started as a resident assistant in a nursing home as an after school job in high school. It became something I was passionate about,” Amber…

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